Hellenic Ex Food is an Greek company created with the vision of promoting Unique Greek Products in market.

Hellenic Ex Food has created a network in the Greek and other countries and is staffed by experienced people with various specializations and deep knowledge of the market such as chefs, agriculturists, nutritionists, food technicians and food experts.

In collaboration with Greek producers, our company provides a variety of quality checked products.

Some of our clients include restaurants, hotels, spice and coffee shops. Our vision is to spread the knowledge of unique foods and recipes collected from Greece to the world and reveal the many uses of these fantastic herbs, seeds, food, drinks and delicatessen.

For over a thousand years, herbs and plants have played a major role in traditional and herbal based medicines.

Herbal infusions and plants are the major source of phenolic compounds in our diet. It is known that phenolic compounds have many biological activities such as antioxidant and antimicrobial. Due to the increasing popularity of a whole market for herbal dietary supplements and traditional medicines, we present to you a unique herbal tea combination named “Kainari.”

 Kainari is a combination (mixture) of several spices, in powder form, which is used as herbal tea, usually with an intense red color, traditionally prepared in the Greek island of Lesvos and used in folk medicine as a warming beverage in winter. Historically, it was brought to the island from Greek emigrants from Asia Minor in early 19th century. In Turkey, a similar herbal tea called “kaynar” (means in Turkish boiled) or Lohusa Serbeti (convalescence serbet) is used traditionally in childbirth to give energy to the new mothers and to boost their lactation.

 “Kainari,” as already referred to, arrived to Lesvos Island after 1922 and it is used as a pleasant, aromatic, tonic, warming beverage. The composition of the mixture differentiates from “Lohusa Serbeti” and in our days, Kainari infusion is prepared by adding hot water to half spoon of Kainari mixture, which is produced by mixing powders of several spices, while the exact composition of mixture is kept secret, thus making it unique.