kainari 2Kaynar is a blend of spices and herbs that make a hot, tonic and warming drink in Mytilene.

Its origin is from the depths of Asia Minor, hence its name - in Turkish kaynar it means "boiling" or "boiling", and is meticulously used to refer to the "beautiful but inaccessible woman".

It was known for its healing properties, mainly in colds.

Nowadays, Kainari is drunk outside the houses and in several villages of Lesvos and especially in the area of ​​Agiassos, where it is served in traditional cafes.

His recipe includes six different spices, cinnamon-cloves-nutmeg-cardamom-ginger-pepper and, as is usually the case in these cases, remains hidden and transmitted orally through the years.

As a decoction, its preparation is simple: In a cup of hot water pour 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, mix and add honey or sugar. A slice of orange or bergamot is a great fit. But besides its use as a beverage you can use it to flavor hot wine (glühwein) or pastry (to flavor syrup or cake), but also in cooking (reddish, stew etc)

It is considered digestible after a meal, drank all the time and gives you the beneficial ingredients of herbs and spices. Many also use it to flavor their pastries: pastries, cakes, white creams.